Dedication, consistency, perseverance

To succeed, choose an environment compatible with your goals




Our story and objectives

The Centre Chat Bleu was founded in 2008, evolving from and in conjunction with the Blue Cat Boxing Club which first opened its doors in 1999. From the outset, the Centre Chat Bleu has provided a space for coaches, artists and teachers to share, grow and display their craft, while transferring their knowledge and experience.

As of 2023, we are starting a new chapter in Magog, after 14 exciting years in Montreal. Our objective is to provide a welcoming space that is accessible, safe and inclusive to all ages and walks of life. Pushing athletic and artistic limits, and simply offering new and exciting experiences we look forward to welcoming you as part of our Centre. Our main focus is on:


Boxing is an amazing and challenging sport. With a focus on safety and accessibility, the workouts are designed to push you to your personal limits. With your hard work and consistency, we facilitate the journey to traverse your personal barriers; no matter your age, background, gender, profession or other qualities.

Homeschool Gym and Activities

Being a homeschooling family, we recognize the need for a gym and activity space that homeschool children can access on weekdays. In response we are providing opportunities for get-togethers, sports, games, and fun with the local homeschooling community at times that are better suited to their needs.

Artist Workshops

In order to support the local artistic community, our upstairs studio is now available to host artist workshops, demos and classes of all kinds. Providing a warm and welcoming workspace, we would like to bring together artists and anyone interested in art from the region to foster exchange and collaboration.

Classes (e.g. Dance, Pilates, etc.)

We have two beautiful spaces available to rent (Main: 1500 sq.ft., Upstairs 700 sq.ft.). We are making the spaces available to teachers, coaches and professionals that need a welcoming space to transfer their knowledge and experience. One day workshops and long-term weekly rentals are possible. See our prices.



Recent Updates

Protocols for ALL Classes

With safety as our priority, we are maintaining a number of protocols. Hands should be washed on arrival and departure. We continue to recommend distancing and the use of masks except when training. We ask anyone experiencing flu or other cold symptoms to please refrain from entering the premises. Indoor shoes that have not been worn outside before arriving are required.

BEGINNER Boxing Classes (Feb 21, 2023)

Starting Tuesday, February 21, 2023 we are offering a 13-week, once a week beginner boxing class in Magog. Each class, lasting just over one-hour, combines a great workout with basic boxing technical instruction. Maximum class size is 12 people. For more information see below.
      Note: Everyone should bring their own handwraps, gloves and towels. Bringing your own skipping ropes and (yoga) mats is also recommended.

Saturday Workouts (Feb 18, 2023)

Starting on February 18, 2023, we will begin offering our Saturday conditioning workouts in Magog. The class provides essential physical conditioning for the demands of amateur boxing and sport in general. Boxing equipment is not a component of this class. For more information see below.

GYM-tastic Homeschool Activities (February 2023)

Beginning in February 2023, we will begin to offer GYM-tastic, a fun gym play, activity class for homeschooling families in the Magog region. Our focus is on games that involve movement and fun. This class is ideally suited for kids from the ages of 5 to 11. Reservations are required, as space is limited. For more information see below.

Classes in Montreal

The Blue Cat Boxing Club in Montreal is likewise offering boxing classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm for 10-weeks, from July 11 to September 14, 2023. For more information on classes in Montreal, follow this link.




Beginner Boxing Classes

The beginner boxing class is geared for ages 12 years and older.

During the BEGINNER boxing class we focus on movement basics and coordination in relation to boxing, along with the fundamental punches and offensive techniques. Conditioning is an essential aspect of the class. The course consists of once a week classes, just over an hour each, for 13 weeks ($195 + taxes). See also our PRICE LIST.

Course Date and Time:
  Tuesdays: 6pm - 7:15pm           February 21  to  May 16, 2023

Saturday Workout Classes

The Saturday workout class is geared for ALL AGES.

The Saturday class has been an essential component of training at the Blue Cat Boxing Club since 1999. It offers a great opportunity to work on your physical conditioning, with increasingly difficult levels that will push each participant to their own limits. This is an intense workout, in a relaxed atmosphere, accessible to all fitness levels. This is a general, overall training, but specifically beneficial to amateur boxers. The class runs just over an hour. The purchase of class cards and drop-ins are available. See also our PRICE LIST.

Course Date and Time:
  Saturdays: 11am - 12:15pm           Starting February 18  ...  Ongoing

GYM-tastic Homeschooling Kids Classes

The GYM-tastic homeschooling kids class is geared for ages 5 to 11.

The GYM-tastic class offers a chance for homeschooling kids to get together, play and participate in various activities. Our focus is on community and sharing between homeschooling families. Reservations are required. There is currently no cost to participate, but a voluntary contribution is suggested, if feasible. See also our PRICE LIST.

Course Date and Time:
  Starting February 2023  ...  ongoing
  Please contact us for dates and times, as the schedule is subject to change.






Physical, mental, emotional boundaries

Boxing is an art and a science. The barriers a performance athlete confronts are both intrinsic and environmental. To challenge their limits, the athlete depends on practise, preparation, teamwork and coaching. The sport of boxing presents additional demands in the face of violence, physical harm and loss of agency. Our role is to facilitate and guide you as an athlete, to traverse your boundaries and master self.


Photo: JF Galipeau

OktoberFIST II - 2014

A key component of boxing is understanding space and distance, and creating boundaries through physical means.


Photo: Maxime Normand

OktoberFIST - 2012

A boxer must decide whether to engage, move or defend. Effective choices are often counterintuitive. They result from years of practise, while learning to temper preconceptions and intrinsic reactions to fear and conflict.


Photo: JF Galipeau

OktoberFIST II - 2014

Although the boxer's journey may focus on one individual, others implicate themselves for their betterment.


Photo: Maxime Normand

Pugilistica della primavera - 2013

Asserting oneself in boxing involves the challenge of defending against attacks, and the genuine danger of physical injury.


Photo: Maxime Normand

OktoberFIST - 2012

There are two athletes in the ring, but their experience is lived by their coaches, team members and everyone else that is present.


Photo: Benoit Marineau

Pugilistica della primavera - 2013

The coach facilitates the athlete in traversing the intractable barriers they confront on their journey.


Photo: Maxime Normand

Pugilistica della primavera - 2013

Within the context of struggle there are moments, even with adversaries, to rest and breathe.


Photo: JF Galipeau

OktoberFIST II - 2014

Each journey brings a new depth of knowledge and experience to the athlete. Ultimately, the fighter learns there is never finality.


Photo: Maxime Normand

Pugilistica della primavera - 2013

Pushing their boundaries in the ring is a shared experience. No matter the outcome each person is touched; opening their raw selves to confront their vulnerabilities, strengths and limitations together as adversaries.


  Price List  

GROUP Classes

Beginner Boxing: 13-week session: $195 *
SATURDAY WORKOUTS: 10-class card: $150 * (valid for one year)


Trial class (Boxing): $20
Drop-in class: $20 (Saturdays only)
Homeschool Activities Class:    Voluntary contribution


MAIN Space (1500sq.ft.): $35/hr* (long duration), $50/hr* (workshops)
UPSTAIRS Space (700sq.ft.): $25/hr* (long duration), $40/hr* (workshops)
RENTALS for HOMESCHOOL ACTIVITIES:   Contact us for pricing


* taxes are not included in the prices

For more information contact us.


Phil Dickinson founded the Blue Cat Boxing Club in 1999, and is the head coach and owner. He is a high-performance boxing coach (Level 4 NCCP) and competed as an amateur boxer in the 80s and 90s. He also has a PhD in Neuroscience and Masters degree in Psychiatry. He launched the Centre Chat Bleu in 2008 to accommodate a community interest in having greater access to diverse activities and artistic pursuits. Please contact Phil for interest in boxing activities and space rentals for other classes.

Therese Lennert is a linocut printmaking artist. She uses gouge, ink and roller to create original handmade relief prints. She also obtained her doctoral degree in neurophysiology and a Master’s in Neural and Behavioural Sciences. She competed as an amateur boxer until having children. Please contact Therese for questions about homeschooling activities and artist workshops. (819) 640 8306   


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Dedication, consistency, perseverance.

Accessible to all ages, the Centre Chat Bleu offers a space to learn, grow and share. Pushing athletic and artistic limits, and just having fun through new and exciting experiences.