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From neuroscience to printmaking

By trade I am a neuroscientist and spent 15 successful years doing neuroscience research. However, I fell in love with linocut printmaking the very first time I picked up gouge, ink, and roller. I am entirely self-taught and practice in my home-studio in Quebec, Canada. And although progress in my journey to becoming a printmaking artist feels at times unbearably slow while raising two young children, I try to enjoy every step along the way.


Artist Statement

Currently, my work has been focused on exploring elements of traditional Japanese woodblock printing, which often deploys multiple layers of minimal colour providing a transparency to the print that I am very drawn to. Using linocut, I am exploring how multiple transparent layers of ink add nuance and depth to landscapes and portraits. In addition, I am exploring techniques that allow for a more fluid and painterly print, thereby contrasting the traditional appearance of relief printmaking.



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You can purchase my prints online.

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Local Art Fairs

I also sell at local art fairs in Quebec. I'll update here about upcoming fairs.

Art Fairs

Current Exhibitions

My work will be presented at "Les journées de la culture" in Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley (September 24-26, 2021)

Journées de la culture






I buy most of my printmaking supplies at Above Ground Art Supplies who are based in Toronto, Canada.

Above Ground Art Supplies

I buy my printmaking paper at Au Papier Japonais, a lovely little store in Montreal specialized on Japanese washi paper.

Au Papier Japonais


Laura Boswell Printmaker has been very inspirational for me and my work. She provides a wealth of information and many tutorials on her website and youtube channel.

Laura Boswell Printmaker


A great source of inspiration and knowledge regarding everything linocut provides the facebook group Linocut Friends where linocut enthusiasts share their art and ask questions.

Linocut Friends